stifle competition

See: monopolize
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Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) and a group of her colleagues are demanding answers from Allergan CEO Brenton Saunders on the companys recent sale of its Restasis patents to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe a move the Senators say could stifle competition while keeping the cost of the drug high.
A FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT judge has blocked health insurer Anthem from acquiring Cigna, ruling the megamerger would violate antitrust laws and stifle competition.
Senators pressed Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and his Anthem counterpart, Joseph Swedish, for explanations of how their deals would not stifle competition and give them too much power.
Atlanta: Etihad Airways, one of three Gulf airlines accused by United States carriers of flooding the skies with unfairly subsidised flights, formally denied the allegation, saying the US rivals are trying to stifle competition that has greatly benefited consumers.
And in both cases, the startups responded by accusing the incumbents of trying to stifle competition.
The US Justice Department and several states filed a lawsuit on August 13 to stop the merger of US Air and American parent AMR, arguing that it would lead to higher fares and stifle competition.
Horta-Osorio said that the move would stifle competition and innovation besides favouring the incumbents.
Sydney, Oct 13 ( ANI ): US federal regulators are reportedly planning to sue Google over allegations that the firm abused its dominance of Internet search to stifle competition and drive up online advertising prices.
Telkom was given the fine for allegedly abusing its dominant market position to stifle competition.
Critics have said a takeover would give Vivendi-owned Universal massive power to jack up prices, as well as stifle competition.
Critics have said that a takeover would give Vivendiowned Universal massive power to jack up prices as well as stifle competition.
regulators have opened an investigation into whether the company has been abusing its dominance of Internet search and advertising to stifle competition.