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The range of motion in the stifle joint was decreased, and the parrot was able to bear weight and grasp normally.
1-5) Herein, we describe the stabilization of stifle joint luxation with an extracapsular stabilization with lateral nonabsorbable sutures.
The tibial and fibular nerves are branches of the ischiatic nerve and course along the lateral aspect of the stifle joint and proximal portion of the tibiotarsus and fibula.
At moment 3 there were no differences in range of motion between the intact stifle joint and after modified TTA.
It is necessary to maintain a joint extension angle of 140[degrees] during radiographs, because the placement of the stifle joint in slight flexion probably will result in underestimation of the patellar tendon angle (GUERRERO, 2003) and therefore, application of a space cage shorter than the ideal.