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Forcing the sheep to run on the treadmill at an oblique angle likely contributed to the relatively rapid onset of clinical signs by increasing stress on the stifle joint. However, we did not include a control group that ran on the treadmill in a conventional, inline running protocol.
Tapper et al., "Periarticular ligament changes following ACL/MCL transection in an ovine stifle joint model of osteoarthritis," Journal of Orthopaedic Research, vol.
The stifle joint capsule and the cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments were ruptured; the medial and lateral collateral ligaments were intact.
The range of motion in the stifle joint was decreased, and the parrot was able to bear weight and grasp normally.
The range of motion of the stifle joint was elicited by determination of maximal flexion and extension angles using a goniometer according to the technique described by MILLIS et al.
Osteochondral dowels could be harvested from a porcine stifle joint, cleaned, decullarized, and crosslinked.