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But their voice was stifled and decisive action was taken only last year.
She had left and would not be coming back, so he sat and started to count her: "This is the wolf of deceit, that is the obelisk of stifled desire and the one next to it is the knife of our shameful deeds.
In late 60's and 70s freedom of expression was stifled blatantly by state actors and by both state and non state actors in the 80's.
Strong magnetic fields associated with some of the flares caused a major power outage in southern Sweden and stifled high-frequency radio communications in some parts of the Arctic.
But Klein says that Microsoft's bullying stifled other companies, like Netscape, from innovating.
Before deregulation, all five industries suffered from stifled flexibility, soaring prices, and generally poorer service.
Jones, simultaneously giving permission and encouraging the urge to move before it--and the giggles--could be stifled.
Its message could easily fit on a postcard: creativity is often stifled by order.
First, she stifled a yawn as Health Minister Rosie Winterton got up to speak.
That sort of mixing, however, has been stifled in recent years by lake warming.
Yet I don't consider the works failures - something no less stifled and stifling, perhaps, but much more interesting.
Its cheerful patterns were quickly stifled by the static solemnity of Colder Ink, for four dancers, described dryly in a note as "pure movement invention" concerned with "texture, lines, and counterpoint." Things picked up somewhat with Artemis Madrigals, another movement invention, a close interpretation of Stravinsky's Duo Concertant.