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This proved to be fruitless and, once again, the farmers voice was stifled.
She had left and would not be coming back, so he sat and started to count her: "This is the wolf of deceit, that is the obelisk of stifled desire and the one next to it is the knife of our shameful deeds.
With their running game stifled, the Gauchos turned to the pass, but quarterback Lamont Long completed only 6 of 16 attempts for 61 yards and threw two interceptions.
Yet I don't consider the works failures - something no less stifled and stifling, perhaps, but much more interesting.
I wanted to create a genuine 'musical' home for a wide range of artists; more than just a label but a place where artists can really feel comfortable within the modern music business and in an environment where their creativity isn't stifled in any way," comments Mathew.
First, she stifled a yawn as Health Minister Rosie Winterton got up to speak.
Many officers criticized the edict on Monday, saying they felt stifled by the policy.
When Shaw writes, "The free discussion of American literature is being stifled by a new, radical orthodoxy," he has only gotten it part right.
But this laughter, coupled with a joke or even cynicism, was generally stifled by Herold's emphasis on the triviality of our daily life.
Expensive precautions and special handling have so far stifled hydrogen's widespread use as a fuel.
AROUND 30,000 students are being stifled by Government failure to fund changes demanded in a key report, it was claimed yesterday.
In a harsh indictment of its business practices, he ruled the company stomped on its competitors, stifled innovation and hurt consumers by limiting their choices and charging them unfair prices.