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In real life, when rumors break out, some control measures will be taken by officials including precontrol measures (such as popularization of science education, Microblog hot tweens, press conference, and other media coverage measures) and postcontrol measures (by means of isolating and compulsive punishments of spreaders to transform them into stiflers).
From the simulation with [R.sub.0] < 1 (Figure 2), we can find that there is a sharp increase in the number of stiflers with further spreading of the rumor, and the number of stiflers reaches a peak and thereafter declines.
Jim Levenstein Jason Biggs Michelle Alyson Hannigan Oz Chris Klein Kevin Thomas Ian Nicholas Vicky Tara Reid Steve Stifler Seann William Scott Heather Mena Suvari Finch Eddie Kaye Thomas Stifler's Mom Jennifer Coolidge Jim's Dad Eugene Levy With: John Cho, Natasha Lyonne, Dania Ramirez, Katrina Bowden, Jay Harrington, Ali Cobrin, Chuck Hittinger, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Owen.
Scott's solely responsible for two of the film's most memorable scenes, firstly in Chicago, were the boys have gone to try and find Michelle the wedding dress of her dreams, and the homophobic Stifler finds himself in a gay bar and winds up in a dance duel with one of the regulars just to prove that he could be a gay sex magnet if he wanted.
We consider the following problem about the control [u.sub.2] which represents that a spreader becomes a stifler by punishment of the spreader.
"If you're sleeping with someone new I always feel I have to live up to the character of Stifler's mum.
Though reluctant to invite Stifler to their big day, the happy couple relent - but regret their decision when he plans a bachelor party on the same evening Jim is due to meet the in-laws.
American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007) Sky Movies Comedy, 11.55pm Erik Stifler looks forward to joining his cousin Dwight at college for a life of round the clock partying.
American Pie Presents Beta House (18) Erik Stifler (John White) and his best friend Mike Coozeman (Jake Siegel) head to the University of Michigan.
During the publication process of this article, Toby Stifler lost an unexpected last battle with breast cancer.
In the film, obnoxious Stifler and his buddies invade a gay bar on the hunt for a wedding dress-maker.
In the new American Pie movie, Michelle is much more sophisticated -in contrast with another of the characters, arrested adolescent Stifler (Seann William Scott) who plans the ultimate stag night for the groom.