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Italy's reputation and national identity of playing attritional soccer and catenacco, a brand of stiflingly defensive play, needs recalibrating with the modern game so reliant on individual excellence and Olympic pace attacks.
Tapeta was an unknown quantity for many in the field, and the night was stiflingly hot for horses who had flown in just days earlier with no time to acclimatise.
As a result, school kids, office workers, and apartment dwellers have had little choice but to close their windows, which can be especially dangerous on stiflingly hot summer days when pollution levels are highest and cool breezes through open windows are most needed.
Yet Bugliosi, blinded by his seemingly personal hatred for Bush junior and by a stiflingly legalistic outlook, is incapable of seeing the political events that led to the 2003 war, the continuum between Gulf War I and Gulf War II.
When I get to my office, it is stiflingly hot because the air conditioning is broken.
Solomon is an acute writer on urban issues, frequently for the National Post, with a welcome contrarianism to the prevailing orthodoxies of urban debate so stiflingly present in Toronto, as in many other big cities.
Dramatically steep-angled lighting, often from below, helps Salieri's climactic moments, but the stage, built out from a tiny prosceniium arch, is stiflingly small.
One of the seemingly few places in Madrid that doesn't have traffic whizzing through it or is stiflingly crowded, Plaza Mayor is surprisingly rather quiet - and the perfect place to stop for a rest in between the frankly exhausting round of palaces and museums.