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Ablerus calvus resembles Ablerus macchiae (Annecke & Insley, 1970) but is distinguished from the latter by the following: antenna with F1 relatively short, clava about as long as or slightly longer than F1-F3 combined; forewings with speculum extending from stigmal vein distally to apex of wings; legs mostly dark brown.
Abbreviations are as follows: Fn, flagellomeres (n = number of the flagellomere); OOL, ocello-ocular distance; POL, postocellar distance; CC, costal cell; MV, marginal vein; PMV, postmarginal vein; SV, stigmal vein, Mtn, metasomal tergum (n = number of the metasomal tergum).
Colour: Uniformly pure white, except anterior spiracles pale tan-brown and posterior spiracles chestnut-brown around margin of spiracular plate and stigmal openings.
Fore wing with two dark transverse bands; distal part of stigmal vein longer than proximal part (23:7).
Forewing hyaline, without dark transverse bands or spots; distal part of stigmal vein much shorter than proximal part (3:11).