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Dernierement, mon epouse et moi vivions une situation de stigmatisation institutionnelle et de rejet de la part de notre beau systeme social que je tiens a denoncer publiquement, parce que cette situation est blessante, discriminatoire, et surtout parce qu'elle tue l'espoir.
Indeed, stigmatisation and discrimination were not explicitly addressed in the 2010 WHO Guiding Principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation, the 2008 recommendations of the Asian Task Force on Organ Trafficking, the 2008 Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism as well as the 2010 Madrid resolution on organ donation and transplantation .
As a consequence, in most societies and cultures throughout human history, certain groups have been susceptible to stigmatisation.
For many years, people have talked about mental health problems as a taboo subject because of the culture of discrimination and stigmatisation attributed to the condition.
It is ignorance which creates this level of stigmatisation, and the ignorance displayed even within the Sri Lankan health services is deeply alarming.
Consistent with Parker and Aggleton's proposition for understanding stigmatisation as central to producing and reproducing relations of power and structural inequality, evolutionary researchers consider the root of stigmatisation to be the human need to avoid the pitfalls that accompany group living.
Ministers also insisted on the need to protect patients with AIDS from discrimination and stigmatisation.
Cette stigmatisation collective vient directement influencer la dynamique d'adaptation des Serbes migrants dans leurs nouvelles societes.
Nevertheless, they pointed out that many men would be unlikely to admit to having a problem and would blame the woman because of the degree of stigmatisation, verbal abuse and loss of social status experienced by infertile men.
RESUME La stigmatisation des personnes souffrant d'un trouble du spectre schizophrenique a pour origine l'existence d'un stereotype associe a une categorie sociale, ici la schizophrenie.
The Primary Research Objective Is To Identify A Range Of Strategies And Measures That Will Aim To Reduce The Stigmatisation Of Social Housing In Ireland.
PARIS, Nov 18 (KUNA) -- French President Francois Hollande Wednesday called for "national and international unity" in the face of terrorist threat, and warned against any division, backlash or stigmatisation after last Friday's massive terror attacks in Paris.