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But potentially stigmatising behaviours are also influenced by conscious thought processes.
While the researchers did not investigate whether photos accompanying news stories about thin people were treated the same way, another research by Benjamin Radford, deputy editor of the science magazine 'Skeptical Inquirer', found that approximately 80 percent of the photos of thin people should also be considered negative or stigmatising.
She said: "I myself think labelling and stigmatising are used as ways of not giving people the help they want and their children can benefit from.
Junior government minister Mr Ainsworth, who represents Coventry North East, said Mr Lane did not believe he was stigmatising communities.
Unison's Rodney Bickerstaffe said: "We are asking for a decent state pension as of right without people having to jump through hoops or have what they see as stigmatising means testing.
The public health campaigns that people feel are stigmatising are often based on personal blame, personal responsibility and the assumption that if you tell people enough to lose weight, they will," News.