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The difference found in the articles by Cashin (2004), Glass (2001), Gray (1993, 2002), and that of this rural article was that once autism became visible within the communities, parents reported a decrease in stigmatism, instead of feeling isolated and alone, families were embraced by a community that supported them.
NACW's resolve to save black children from racial stigmatism and oppression became all the more imperative after the Supreme Court handed down the Plessy decision just two months prior to the NACW's founding convention in Washington, D.C.
Kaplan, PhD, USAAA's Chairman, expressed concern that the continued speculation on the perpetrator's diagnosis attaches unwarranted and dangerous stigmatism to autism spectrum disorders.
Eyes: He wears reading glasses for his farsightedness and stigmatism, EOMI, and PEE.RLA, ENT no abnormal.
Therefore, a study determines their anatomical pattern so that they serve as a model for comparison with eyes that have refractive defects (myopia, hypermetropia and stigmatism) pathological eyes (such as those that have cataracts).
Yes, there were checklists and surveys that the returning Marines filled out, but no one wanted to "deal with the stigmatism behind it," according to Mr.
This shift has allowed the earlier years of those in need of assistive technology and the negative stigmatism attached to it to be lifted as it is now accepted by all.
But this would not happen unless stigmatism around HIV-AIDS was dealt with.
Attempting to maintain their life-long social networks in their rural communities was important to a number of the dementia care networks, while others were concerned with the stigmatism and safety of the person with dementia.
There are exceptions, of course--some "critics have remarked on the emotional impact of The Bluest Eye" (Bouson 1999, 230)--and thus we can use this novel as a template for the practice of an ethical emotive criticism that connects feeling to thought, in this case to psychological models of racism, stigmatism, judging by appearance, and hierarchies of emotions.
Anthropologist Daniel Fessler (41) posits that stigmatism occurs from "preexisting schemas" that involve "fasting, visions" and wounding.
The 22-year-old, who bats in glasses because of a stigmatism, made his maiden Championship hundred in only his seventh first-class match as Sussex gained a first-innings lead of 45 despite losing their last five wickets for 56 runs in 15 overs after lunch.