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Stigma works, and should replace stigmatism, which may also mean "normal eyesight.
My eyesight was fine before but now I have been told I will have a permanent stigmatism and experience a lot of glare in bright lights,'' he said.
Due to similar learning experiences, interests, and communication skills, the peer work not only provides opportunities for a student to improve his or her writing by seeking out collaboration and receiving constructive correction of errors, but also allows the student to get redirective advice about a piece of writing "without the stigmatism of failure that frequently accompanies such assistance directly from a teacher" (p.
Organizations, especially well-grounded board members who theoretically deal with the real world, look at their executive ranks among nonprofits with some sort of stigmatism.
For a number of African-American students, the pursuit of academic excellence is looked upon as stigmatism to be avoided (Fordham & Ogbu, 1986).
He said: "You cannot have peace and stigmatism, you cannot have reconciliation and stigmatism, you cannot have international understanding and stigmatism.
Lack of fair recognition includes: negative image of the poor groups, social discrimination, cultural inequalities, prejudices in the wider society, hostility, stigmatism, segregation, ethnic discrimination and low participation rates of women (ibid.
The article then shows the multiple effects of de-industrialisation on this social entity and observes that the stigmatism associated with the industrial identity survived the closure of the factory.