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Stigmatization is one of the most documented phenomena in the history of the Church.
Depression, social conflict, poor quality of life, negativity and self-blame increase because of lack of social support and high internalized stigmatization.8-9
The handbook also rests upon the Declaration of the Inter-religious Council of BiH on combating the stigmatization of survivors of sexual violence during the war in BiH signed on June 19, 2017.
In order to overcome stigmatization and discrimination, the LGBT community plans to increase awareness through advocacy and education on LGBT issues, disseminate communication for development materials on LGBT and improve access to services for LGBT such as counseling, sexual health and protection.
The World Health Organization called the ( stigmatization  of mental health in Afghanistan the greatest barrier to addressing it.
Rickard presents readers with a in-depth view of six sex offenders, their construction of their sense of self in light of their stigmatization in society, and how they forge ahead in a nation that has labeled them as undesirable.
NEW YORK (CyHAN)- Dr David Nabarro, the United nations Special Envoy on Ebola gave a briefing today to Non-Governmental Organizations where he called for reduction of stigmatization and continuous support in efforts to stop the outbreak.
Ultimately, the ban on gaymarriages is wrong and stigmatization of an entire population that is discriminated for its sexual orientation and the excuse is "traditional values," Arsovski comments.
Even as DOH mulls such mandatory testing, giant steps are necessary to increase public awareness of HIV, concretize a comprehensive plan that is sufficiently financed and end stigmatization and discrimination against HIV.
However, stigmatization and shaming often fail to work.
Stigmatization was highlighted as an important problem in psychiatry.
Fear and stigmatization in the context of HIV/Aids is prevalent whereever you go in the world today.