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Nabarro said "each human being has a role to try to reduce the stigmatization and to recognize that is really unfair.
In Namibia, the stigmatization of HIV-positive people is still very strong, and as in Sweden it is often connected to perceptions of an immoral or lascivious lifestyle.
1997); however, research examining predictors of stigmatization towards illegal drug users is limited.
The purpose of the current study was to explore the relationships among perceptions of organizational climate for heterosexism, level of workplace outness, stigmatization salience, and performance of organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs; Smith, Organ, & Near, 1983).
The current policy adds to HIV stigmatization and discrimination against people with HIV/ AIDS.
Stigmatization of newly emerging infectious diseases: AIDS and SARS.
Promote strategies that will reduce stigmatization and discrimination of PLWHAs and those working in the AIDS field.
But the merits of specific conservative pleadings aside, is there anything illiberal about an argument for the cultural stigmatization of, say, casual sex?
A grant of more than $579,000 from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) will support research exploring the possible link between social stigmatization of sexual identities and individuals' use of alcohol.
Marshall's conception of an inclusive Third World--as opposed to narrowly nationalist--identity in Chosen Place is somewhat limited, Keizer notes, by a persistent stigmatization of homosexuality characteristic of Caribbean nationalist rhetoric.
First and foremost, the dogma of stigmatization remains an integral political response for many government officials.
While it claims that teachers are being stigmatized, it would be a real stretch to argue that any stigmatization that teachers suffered because their students were not learning constituted an injury that required a legal remedy.