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Thus, it may be that once an individual uses marijuana, he or she has entered the realm of illegal drug behavior, and may begin to stigmatize other illegal drugs at lower levels.
The society should care for AIDS patients and never stigmatize them in particular.
As with disabled persons, if homosexuals can no longer be held personally responsible for their condition, it becomes more difficult to stigmatize them with the same vengeance as before.
Yet it did not stigmatize other forms of aggression--economic, social, political--that were traditionally associated with men.
The court held that disclosure of lists of federal inmates lists would be an unreasonable invasion of privacy because some federal inmates were "merely witnesses or detainees who had not be charged with crimes and releasing their names would stigmatize them and cause irreparable damage to their reputations.
These discussions warn us to carefully consider the vast implications of this new information and caution that it not be used, as similar information has been in the past, to stigmatize and discriminate against individuals and groups.