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Several scholars (e.g., Kumar et al., 2009; Norris et al., 2011) have argued that some reasons for having abortions are less likely to be stigmatized. "Good" abortions are seen as necessary but regrettable and the women who have them as sympathetic and pitiable.
Populations with higher risk of contracting HIV, such as gay men, sex workers and intravenous drug users, are further stigmatized because their traits and behaviors are perceived as socially undesirable and associated with spreading the disease (Herek, 1999).
If persons who do not have authority employ force toward stigmatized persons, the notion of "bullying" is appropriate.
Those with cancer stayed mum for fear of being both stigmatized and ostracized--a situation which still exists in many developing countries today.
Such reflexive dependency should be stigmatized to discourage its profligate use.
Expanding on previous studies that explored homophobia within Asian communities, we not only examine how gay Asian men respond to social discrimination but also address how they attempt to make their stigmatized status less salient.
These mechanisms are used by those of higher social position to create a downward comparison to stigmatized individuals or groups as an attempt to establish social control and create a separation between "us" and "them" (Wills 1981; Morone 1997).
The general public's fear of being stigmatized via association with PLWHA hampers the ability of health practitioners to develop and administer services to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS (Lieber et al., 2006; Zhou, 2007).
(2) In Workable Sisterhood." The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS, Michele Tracy Berger examines the life stories and struggles of sixteen women from Detroit, Michigan, diagnosed with the HIV/AIDS virus between 1986 to 1996.
I was very stigmatized by this illness that had no business in my family.
There's a feeling among some white gays that blacks ought to be tolerant of stigmatized sexualities merely because they are black.
But that reassessment came after children born to cocaine users were stigmatized as dramatically and permanently damaged, while their mothers were singled out for special condemnation and punishment.