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By bringing audiences to sympathize with both the stigmatized character (the demonized Caliban) and the stigmatizers (the victimized Prospero and Miranda), Shakespeare anticipated what Goffman later argued when insisting that stigma is constitutionally uncomfortable from all angles, including ours in the audience.
stigmas exist primarily in the minds of stigmatizers and stigmatized individuals as cultural social constructions, rather than as universally stigmatized physical features.
Egbe, "Experiences and effects of psychiatric stigma: monologues of the stigmatizers and the stigmatized in an african setting," International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, vol.
Indeed, it is a sort of mark underlining the deviant nature of the stigmatized subject from the perspective of those who are the stigmatizers [8].
Stigmatization is composed of multiple elements: individual or group traits are identified, labeled and related to negative stereotypes; identity distinctions are established by stigmatizers between "us and them"; stigmatized individuals or groups are discriminated, which leads to various types of social disadvantages.