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Yet, it is unknown how PLHIV in China respond to stigmatizing language in media and how the stigmatization may affect them.
Stigmatizing another person asssumes explicit permission to isolate "the other" from persons who share a particular communal identity.
Due to the ongoing efforts of many, including non-profits, in the health arena, celebrity spokespersons, and executives in industry (whose products are purchased by consumers with stigmatizing health conditions), our society is increasingly being exposed to the concept and appearance of differences.
In addition, they answered questions pertaining to three dimensions of stigma-holding stigmatizing attitudes, perceiving stigma in the community and directly observing enacted stigma (i.
Covering is different from passing in that it involves the cooperation of others who are aware of the person's stigmatizing attribute.
Further, the authors question whether news coverage focused on not stigmatizing HIV/AIDS can actually promote HIV/AIDS stigmas.
She considers the contradictions that occur when victims do not conform to stereotypes, the production of identities that counter negative and stigmatizing representations, how changing representations of victims reflect larger cultural codes, and how the concept of agency affects people's ideas about victims and their choices.
A quarter of people living with HIV surveyed in the Los Angeles area for a recent study said they believe their health care providers are stigmatizing them because of their infection.
Treatment of socially stigmatizing ambulation was implemented during natural transition times in a reversal design and consisted of differential reinforcement of an incompatible response.
The stigma associated with labelling disorders such as FAS, whether it be medical or non-medical, formal or informal, a true diagnosis or a misdiagnosis, is really all the same: FAS is a stigmatizing illness.
Unfortunately, many practicing social workers also espouse stigmatizing beliefs and attitudes, and far too often these views spill over into the treatment of clients.
By stigmatizing divorce and making it more difficult to obtain, Victorian courts and legislatures ensured that an important minority of couples drifted along in ghostships of unhappiness.