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Under the plans, a new still house would be built on a site once occupied by warehouses.
Motion Stills on iOS is meant to be a really easy way to turn the iPhone's Live Photos into shareable GIFs - and it's pretty great at that.
Adult-onset still disease: manifestations, treatment, outcome, and prognostic factors in 57 patients.
Steam from the Fulton 20J boiler is gradually introduced into the still's steam jacket until the alcoholic wash inside the still reaches 78.
Since the release of their first album in 1969, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and their occasional fourth member Neil Young, all successful in their own right, have inspired many a budding artist with their intricate blend of harmonies and variety of musical styles.
Theresa Thorp, prosecuting, said the distribution offences involved 48 stills and 30 movies at level one, five stills and 56 movies at level two, two still and 15 movies at level three, and 40 still and 192 movies at level four.
It's a long story, told in the museum's inaugural publication, which turns on the fact that Still has a nephew in Denver.
Over 40000 entries were received by corporate houses - and 700 of these STILLS made it to the Jury table for a final round of selections.
ROCK legends Crosby, Stills and Nash enjoyed last summer's gig at Edinburgh Castle so much, they are heading back to Scotland.
Yet one would hope that this book will, indeed, bring Still new readers across the nation, for his literary excellence merits such attention, as other twentieth-century American authors ranging from Katherine Anne Porter and Robert Frost to Delmore Schwartz and Allen Tate have acknowledged.
Under the agreement Flex Fuel America, Heartland Energy's product sales and marketing subsidiary, will represent Dogwood's full line of products including the home- and farm-based ethanol still, Bio-Diesel Production kit and several ancillary alternative energy related products.