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"He is athletic and really gives us the ability to extend plays with his feet," Stilling said.
The objective of this project is to utilize a qualified Contractor to furnish all necessary equipment, labor and materials, to replace STA stilling wells and platforms listed in the Statement of Work.
As part of this process, the contractors are required to empty the stilling lagoon and to dispose of its contents.
If the practice of yoga is about the stilling of the mind, how do the poses work and why do they work?
A hydraulic model study of the stepped spillway and stilling basin for a proposed roller compacted concrete dam at Cedar Run Site No.
Jung-Stilling, Johann Heinrichoriginal name Johann Heinrich Jung, also called Heinrich Stilling (b.
"The plan will serve as an important and flexible guide to the future development and planning of the Prairie View area," Community Development Director Christopher Stilling said.