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It may be a while before we see Black-winged Stilts nesting closer to home, however.
The stilts had padded leather bags on their ends to act as 'silent feet' on prowling missions.
They offer a variety of performance acts such as giant martini glass hire, stilt walkers, fire acts and much more.
The stilts are available for everyone - elementary school through high school - but Sindel says they've been the biggest hit among the younger crowd.
DonCOt miss out on the renowned Ballerinas on stilts who promise to amaze you with their movements on August 10th and 11th.
Worldwide, stilt bugs are a relatively small group of unusual hemipterans, or true bugs, in the family Berytidae.
Murphy says the school is considering an exchange program, where students can study in Canada and stilt get D'Youville credit, as well as alternate course-delivery systems such as the Internet.
Among them are all four of Hawaii's endangered waterbirds: the ae'o or Hawaiian stilt (Himantopus mexicanus knudseni), `alae keo`keo or Hawaiian coot (Fulica alai), `alae ula or Hawaiian gallinule (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis), and koloa or Hawaiian duck (Anas wyvilliana).
As well as uncovering a cornucopia of Lapita artifacts, the investigators came upon the remnants of a stilt house that once stood in the shallow water of a lagoon, reports Kirch in the summer JOURNAL OF FIELD ARCHAEOLOGY.
The high court also directed the authorities to submit a plan detailing how parking would be accommodated if stilt parking was done away with.
Also included in the procession were The Trinity Centre mascot - Giddy the Gorilla - Music 4 U, Phoenix Theatre, Danscentre, Sharon Gill School of Dance, characters from Aladdin - the Pantomime at the Aberdeen Arts Centre - Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey Club, balloon modeller Mr Puffin,Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts, Festive Seagulls, a stilt walking Santa Claus and Michael Angelo - a stilt walker on a bicycle A spokeswoman for the Trinity Centre said: "Once the parade had ended the public were invited to come into the Trinity Centre where they could meet Santa Claus and the children received a free Christmas storybook, sticker book and Reindeer hat.