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Uses: Stimulates lymph movement throughout the body, especially in the lower half and kidneys
This tactile-touch program emphasizes simple massages and small movements to stimulate elders' sense of touch.
In order to stimulate capital investment, TEI urges Congress to enact legislation to permit taxpayers to deduct additional first-year depreciation basis for qualified property placed in service after September 10, 2001.
Among the proposals rated as least effective, only 17% of the tax practitioners thought a proposal to tax capital gains at rates 5% below top marginal rates would be an effective way to stimulate the economy.
This event is powered by Chick-Fil-A, Bronner Brothers, Stimulate America, United Corp International Kitchen & Bath, People United Foundation, Georgia Beverage Association, Good Ol' Boys Charities, Gang Breakers, the Kiwanis Club of Northside Atlanta and many considerate citizens for their toy donations.
Briefly, adult female Sprague-Dawley rats were ovariectomized and implanted with 20-[micro]g estradiol-containing beeswax pellets to promote nuclear ER retention and stimulate nuclear type II sites (Markaverich et al.
This helps stimulate the reflexes for the head, brain, and sinuses.
I have long known that a community's 'Main Street' is its heart and soul and that we must do everything we can to stimulate job-creation and investment in our downtown business districts," Governor Pataki said.
A protein present in cow's milk, as well as in human breast milk, stimulates bone-forming cells in lab dishes and induces bone growth when injected into mice, researchers have found.