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01% FBS/DMEM for 30 min and sequentially stimulated with Pb (10 [micro]M), LPS (1 ng/mL), Pb (10 [micro]M) plus LPS (Pb+LPS) (1 ng/mL), or saline (control).
Whether a patient with a very low stimulated thyroglobulin level should be treated again with radioactive iodine (RAI) "is probably one of
But among observed and RAI-treated patients with an initial stimulated Tg level between 2 and 10 ng/mL, there was no significant difference in the percentage of patients who had a reduction (40% vs.
This surveillance included two components: stimulated passive hospital-based surveillance (4) for inhalational anthrax and enhanced passive surveillance for inhalational anthrax and cutaneous anthrax.
This article presents a method for selectively measuring a stimulated current in the presence of other currents that may be much larger than the stimulated current.
Synthetic isomeric preparations of the compound stimulated breast cancer cell proliferation and blocked estrous cyclicity in female rats but were devoid of biologic effects on male sexual behavior.
The hormone stimulated extra food intake by the animals and also shifted their metabolism so that they burned less fat.
K-ras is a key part of a growth-stimulating pathway in the prostate that is stimulated by androgens.
The senescent fibroblasts stimulated the growth only of cells with pre-existing mutations that predisposed them to cancer.
However, the growth of control cells was stimulated nearly 2-fold by DHT at optimal levels (0.