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The profile, which is based on a range of statistical data, portrays an industry that supports New York City's middle class, minority and immigrant populations, and substantially stimulates the City's economy.
Uses: Stimulates lymph & is anti-fungal and anti-viral
A protein present in cow's milk, as well as in human breast milk, stimulates bone-forming cells in lab dishes and induces bone growth when injected into mice, researchers have found.
In terms of physical benefits, it has been reported that massage reduces stress, deepens relaxation and breathing, lowers blood pressure, stimulates circulation, relieves joint pain, reduces swelling, stimulates bowels and flow of lymph, improves sleep, releases endorphins, decreases fear and anxiety, and creates a sense of well-being and decreased isolation?
A cable of Schwann cells grafted into the spinal cord inside a guidance channel stimulates thousands of nerve fibers to regenerate across the length of the bridge.
As the acupuncture signal passes to the brain via nerves, it possibly stimulates the hypothalamus, the ``executive center'' of the brain, responsible for the production and release of hundreds of neurochemicals, Cho said.
Other rare complications arise from pituitary tumors that release high amounts of ACTH, which in turn stimulates the adrenal glands to produce excess cortisol.
Rewind Time is a Vitamin C serum that stimulates collagen and elastin production in the fibroblasts, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
Adler, a cell biologist at the College of Veterinary Medicine of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, and his colleagues suggested that MARCKS binds to tough sacs inside goblet cells and stimulates release of the mucus stored there.
Green is a good general healing color because it stimulates growth, so it is good for helping to heal broken bones, re-growth of tissue of all kinds; useful in treating bacterial infections.

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