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There is a provocative Section II on the "emergence of the environment," the production of a green social paradigm called "environmentalism" and "nature," which Doane stimulatingly interprets as a Plan B (or C) for neoliberal market appropriation, to turn land into a market commodity open to all the manipulations and trickeries of finance capital.
They [were stimulatingly active in the arts and professions,] tolerated and accepted by the majority of Germans.
As we shall see, that kind of organization accommodated successfully, and even mutually stimulatingly, the tension between physics and theology, which had resulted from the emergence of the new natural philosophy of the period.
These psychologies, often stimulatingly different from current Western ideas, were usually buried in the religious aspects of the system, though, and so were unlikely to be discovered by and be of use to students of psychology.
It was because of this bittersweet memory, perhaps, that the news reports of Gaza's children aiming for the world record on the number of kites flown stimulatingly in the same place, captured my attention.