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The result indicated that the biomaterials with and without ConA showed immunosuppression as seen by the stimulation index when it was compared with the conA which was used as control.
Although the stimulation index of T-lymphocyte proliferation was not affected in the current study, we found that dietary supplementation of 100 mg/kg COS not only increased the concentrations of serum IL-1[beta] and IL-6 on d 21 but also enhanced the concentrations of IFN-[gamma] and TNF-[alpha] on d 42 in broiler chickens.
Two measures of response were used in this paper: stimulation index, a measure of so-called 'cell-mediated immunity' (CD4 responses), and [gamma]-interferon enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot (ELISPOT), which demonstrates the presence and frequency of [gamma]-interferon-secreting cells, a marker for the presence of cytotoxic T-cells (CD8 cells).
Results were expressed as stimulation index (counts per minute of stimulated cultures divided by counts per minute of unstimulated cultures).