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The presence of a twitch-like increment in force evoked by electrical stimulus during maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) suggests that not all the motor units are recruited by the voluntary effort or that they are not firing fast enough to drive the muscle maximally at the moment of stimulation (Gandevia, 2001; Taylor and Gandevia, 2008).
However, application of peripheral electrical stimulation of underlying nerves using surface electrodes often activates sensory fibre endings thus causing pain when high current levels or trains of stimuli are used and may hinder its successful application for the assessment of voluntary activation in clinical settings (Bampouras 2006; Man et al.
London, Apr 11 ( ANI ): Not only can women climax through sexual intercourse alone, but the resulting orgasm is wildly different from those reached by clitoral stimulation, a new study has revealed.
Other startling findings cited by the essays in the series include - women are not only be able to orgasm from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, but from stimulation at a range of erogenous zones, with some able to even "think" themselves to a peak.
Stimulations delivered within 15 s of a spontaneous inspiratory effort were excluded from analysis.
The type of change varies with the specifics of the stimulations.
Although responses to low-frequency stimulation of the Schaffer collateral pathway in exposed animals were not different from controls, significantly reduced LTP was induced after tetanic stimulation, even at the lowest dose studied.
The most common complications of cochlear implantation are flap necrosis, compressed or improperly placed electrodes, and facial nerve injury, paresis, or stimulation.
Furthermore, to limit the total number of stimulations, we conducted single testing rather than duplicate testing but repeated the initial stimulating parameters in a series at the end of the series.
Hussain and colleagues found that, while in vivo PCB exposure does not produce any obvious baseline changes in synaptic response prior to stimulation, it reduces the increase in fEPSP after stimulation in a dose-dependent fashion.
Following the stimulation treatment of the wells, they will be placed on pump and oil will be produced via flowlines to the central production facility located at Mirage-1.
Current plans include continued swabbing, establishing production rates and enhancing coal seams with nitrogen gas stimulation through a Halliburton coiled tubing unit.