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We are still, however, waiting for the Chinese authorities to introduce a much more stimulative policy," Mr.
Both of these potential tax code changes would be stimulative to our economy and beneficial to our commercial real estate market.
But in the medium and longer terms, and under favorable conditions, natural disasters can be stimulative (for example, following China's Chengdu earth quake in 2008, Indonesia's Sumatran tsunami in 2004, and South Korea's separation from the North in the 1950s--the latter both a natural and unnatural disaster).
The good news is that public policymakers are acknowledging the countercyclical nature of human services and the stimulative potential of human service investment.
It said the researchers had wanted to investigate anecdotal wisdom that such scents really did cause positive psychological effects: "It has been empirically known from ancient times that some odorants bring about psychophysiological effects, such as sedative, stimulative, antistress, anti-inflammatory, and anticonvulsant effects; for example, an antidepressant effect is provided by lemon odour and a sleep-enhancing effect by valerian.
The broadly based support for major stimulative action cuts across a wide socio-political spectrum.
Professor Patrick Minford, an academic at Cardiff business school, has predicted that the housing market will recover next year as a result of the fiscal policy stimuli and the stimulative activity being undertaken by the Government and central banks.
But equally remarkable was that the coalition organized itself according to the position that the federal government should incur a stimulative fiscal deficit to address a rapidly declining economy.
Ben Nelson and Susan Collins worked to scrub some less plausibly stimulative stuff from the Senate bill.
The second consequence is to complicate the Central Banks' response to slowing growth and the credit crisis, since the call for more stimulative policies is in contradiction to their commitments to keep inflation under control at low levels.
Any stimulative effects of a cut, however, are likely to be temporary.