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Payroll tax relief and its stimulative effect on consumer spending by lower-income workers could be further enhanced by reducing payroll tax rates for households earning less than the median income, or about $51,900 per year.
2 billion of the DAP that largely went to legislative and executive pork barrel projects not previously identified as stimulative and whose impact is then uncertain," IBON said.
Both of these potential tax code changes would be stimulative to our economy and beneficial to our commercial real estate market.
He finds that many of arguments against using Keynesian stimulative measures, and the empirical analysis that supports them, are seriously flawed.
It was Everett Thayer Gaston who first categorised stimulative and sedative music (Hadsell, 1989).
Economically speaking, are these net stimulative events, particularly for the construction trades?
In the study of Pearce (1981 as cited by Kravitz 2004) a comparison was made on the influence of stimulative music, sedative music, and silence (no music) on measured grip strength of subjects which consisted of 33 male and 16 female undergraduate students randomly assigned to the order of the three types of stimulation (stimulative, sedative, and silence).
Throughout the debate, Democrats, like the president, emphasized the emergency nature of the unemployment benefits, in addition to their stimulative economic effect.
Furthermore, serious uncertainties remain about the strength of demand for manufactured goods over the medium term, particularly once stimulative measures start being withdrawn.
Auto sales are expected to rise by 15 per cent in 2010 because of expanded stimulative auto policies, an analyst said.
Speaking to Trans-Tasman Business Circle in Auckland, Dr Bollard said both countries have survived the crisis well, due to a mix of strong institutions and stimulative policies.
Leaving stimulative policies early will have a negative impact on the recovery process, however maintaining them for a long time will raise public deficit, increasing the inflation and interest rates.