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But Selanne's goals have come during a stingier defensive era.
We've made a few quid on Albion this season and you can see the bookies are starting to get stingier with their odds.
They have now become stingier when most end-users are looking for mortgages as supplies are abundant.
The stingier the facts, the more elaborate the scenario.
As defenses grow stingier, quick passing and combination play are necessary and must be taught to players at all levels.
Apparently, just thinking analytically makes us stingier.
The National Law Journal reported in its annual review released February 20 that total awards among the top 100 verdicts in 2005 decreased for the third straight year, indicating that "juries are becoming ever stingier toward plaintiffs, at least with regard to the punitive damages they dole out.
Over the past 10 years "successive [Finnish] governments have grown stingier than they used to be," with pensions rising only three percent in real terms since 1993, 10 times more slowly than wages.
He became even stingier than before and so unkempt that it was positively disgusting.
Canada ranks among the stingier nations when it comes to development aid spending.
Roberts (2003), in an article titled "Bootstrapping is back: Entrepreneurs dig deep and make personal sacrifices for their businesses," observed: "Entrepreneurs were spoiled during the dot-com era, often receiving funding before they had a business model or a customer, in the past two years, however, venture backers have become much stingier, especially with seed money" (p.
Granted the paper was starting from a stingier base, but it's investment nevertheless.