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But she also warns that, as state legislatures become stingier about paying for new buildings, public universities are shouldering increasing proportions of construction debt themselves, risking their bond ratings--and facing even higher interest costs over the long run.
Is there any evidence that Obama is stingier with exemptions than past administrations or that the president has it in for religious groups?
The company has also been stingier in handing out equity to noncore employees -so there may not be as many of the dazzling rags-to-riches stories that were commonplace at the time of the Google IPO, when in-house chefs and at least one masseuse struck gold with options.
The infant boy, her little brother on the other hand, though only six months old, is much quieter, stingier with his precious smiles, he gets crabbier with the slightest discomforts.
Here, that urge is spot on: this show just wouldn't work in the UK, and not simply because our retailers are stingier with their coupons.
E correction factors, which are a little stingier than the STD correction factor most race shops use.
defense with its own pressure for stingier discounts.
The Indians are getting expensive and the Bahraini bosses are getting stingier.
2004) (noting that "most parole boards in the 1980s and 1990s became stingier in their release decisions").
That sounds like a lot until one considers that in Ontario--among the stingier provinces overall--a full-time domestic undergraduate student is worth roughly $12,000 in government grants and student fees.
Only New Hampshire and Vermont were stingier, while neighboring Wyoming ranked first.
25) As Figure Two demonstrates, each of the new Justices appointed between 1986 and 1993 was stingier with their votes to grant plenary review than their predecessors.