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Hull was crowned the UK's stingiest city, with households only spending an average of PS1.
Marseille come into the game knowing that, should they score, United will find it difficult to break down their back-line - one of the stingiest in Europe.
Guildford are currently fourth and have the stingiest defence in the league.
There is strong support for an extra public holiday as the UK has the stingiest allocation in Europe.
When a shipper fully understands his needs and a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is attentive and responsive to those needs, that partnership has the potential to result in service levels and cost savings that could make even the stingiest CFO crack a smile.
GLASWEGIANS are Britain's stingiest when it comes to Mother's Day gifts.
What's more, Villa's backline is the stingiest in the business at the moment, so I doubt they'll be troubled much.
The Jets, who have won six of their last seven, also have the league's stingiest defence, but shutting down the Chargers is much more challenging than stopping the one-dimensional Cincinnati Bengals.
All season they have plugged away as batsmen plunder flat pitches which offer bowlers the stingiest help and encouragement.
Reilly slumped to the bottom of this year's list and is considered the stingiest signer.
This week's day off is one of only eight we get each year in England - among the stingiest in the world.
Crespi spoiled host Chaminade of West Hills' Mission League opener by defeating the Eagles 15-5, pounding 19 hits off a pitching staff that had been one of the stingiest of the early season.