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time once told me that her main recollection was the stinginess of the Dutch.
Such pervasive stinginess was not equal across all publishing platforms, however.
Husb calls me Last-Of-The-Big-Spenders; more environmentally-aware friends tut at our patchy recycling, so to be accused of stinginess or economy over Sellotape was hilarious.
And we know Liverpool's wellchronicled troubles in front of goal allied to the stinginess of their back four.
But several people I know who were born and bred in the south have remarked not on Yorkshire folk's stinginess but on their generosity - if not directly in cash, in time and kindliness.
As the Globe writes, "Most distressing to [Eisenhower] was that Kennedy had gone into factory towns and proclaimed that Eisenhower's stinginess on defense had cost American jobs.
Perhaps a stinginess, or prejudice Anti Avellanarius Mus maybe?
Refusal to spend money on luxury items, alleged stinginess, lack of mutual understanding and unwillingness to obey the partner were some of the reasons cited for the break-up by couples last year.
His seemingly mediocre record is mitigated by the notorious stinginess of the ballclub.
For a Scot who's always been happy to play up to his reputation for stereotypical stinginess, Stewart remains impeccably generous with his talent, pouring heart and soul into his performance on a swelteringly night that would have sucked the stamina out of an athlete a third of his age.
No company has thrived more in this sharply competitive world -- or has had more impact on the cost of medicine here -- than Partners HealthCare, a company formed in 1994 to fight back against what its founders saw as the stinginess and lopsided power of insurance companies, which had brought many hospitals to their knees," the first story in the series, published Nov.