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For a Scot who's always been happy to play up to his reputation for stereotypical stinginess, Stewart remains impeccably generous with his talent, pouring heart and soul into his performance on a swelteringly night that would have sucked the stamina out of an athlete a third of his age.
Wholesalers and independents may be complaining about the stinginess of the banks at the moment, but one retailer has managed to secure a 2m [pounds sterling] loan to help it to open two stores.
Sadly, it seemed for a while that the successful program that's turned so many youngsters away from gangs and academic failure -- and toward educational achievement -- would be shuttered permanently simply out of sheer stinginess.
Mr Knowlden was so hopelessly in love with her, said the judge, that he agreed to pay her pounds 1,000 a month and signed A Contract for a Healthy and Happy Life - a "bizarre" document which laid down rules about personal hygiene, stinginess and manners which he was required to observe on pain of a pounds 100 penalty.
The stinginess over helicopters, of course, is only part of the problem.
Gonzales's stinginess with information and seeming unfamiliarity with the goings-on in his department had squandered what trust he had with lawmakers even before the U.
The author looks for a balance between fun and moderation and points out ways to live comfortably without falling into the traps of stinginess or excess.
As a Jordanian, I have to suffer paying some JD10,000 in duties on my current 1993 car, which still has one month to go before this amount becomes due, while rich foreign investors get to drive fresh and flashy cars at duty-free prices, then I think that going full circle and embracing the ethos of bangernomics as one friend of middle class means has been doing for years, despite ceaseless fun poked at his expense and suffering incessant accusations of stinginess.
Stinginess in budgets is costing lives, according to a leading trade body
That stinginess is not without its political and clinical costs.
One reason for American stinginess is a sense that foreign aid is money down a rathole.