stinging words

See: diatribe
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I've never laid hand to you," said Martin gruffly, certain stinging words of Nellie's still smarting.
Despite the stinging words, Kanter took more offense on Durant's critical comments on coach Billy Donovan.
And, with Aitor Karanka's stinging words ringing in their ears, they started the second half with increased intensity, catching City cold.
Carhart, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, brought an end to that era, with stinging words such as this:
In his opening speech for the conference, President Tomas Brunegard touched on problems facing journalists all over the world, though he saved some particularly stinging words for the situation in Turkey, saying that, "Turkey has become, for journalists, the world's largest prison.
p la wi that "B t i "But if they lose it'll be seen to be a repeat of what went on in the League and it could certainly put pressure on him, " Four years on from those stinging words, Galway have had highs and lows, but whether they're any closer to that elusive All-Ireland is a moot point.
The first appearance of MILF's peace negotiator was met with her stinging words - the least stinging of the day - as she accused his camp of bad faith.
Jamie's stinging words come after Tennis Scotland president Ian Conway and his deputy Jacqui Duncan quit due to concerns over the recruitment process for staff.
But that did little to convince Verheijen, who had some stinging words for Alex Ferguson's replacement.
The stinging words scrolled through my 19-year-old mind on continual loop.
The visitors appeared for the second half a full five minutes before Accies with stinging words of boss Alexander in their ears.