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Among Republican voters, Dewhurst is at +12, which sounds good - until it's compared with Abbott's +40, Cornyn's +44, Perry's +55 and, most stingingly, Cruz's +63.
Justice Estey stingingly condemns his colleague's approach, arguing that a case decided on such poor evidence might not constitute a precedent at all,155 thereby foreshadowing Caron & Boutet.
the emergency exit, just as the alarm bells go off stingingly, grabbing
MARVIN GAYE Here, My Dear HERE'S a good tip for any up-and-coming singer: don't marry the record label boss' daughter But that's exactly what legendary US soul singer Gaye did after meeting Motown's mogul Berry Gordy's little girl in 1964, to whom he'd compose a stingingly bitter poison pen letter of a record when they divorced some 12 troubled years later.
In such essays as "Du Pedantisme" (translated less stingingly as "On Schoolmasters' Learning") and "On Educating Children," what Montaigne finds fault with in medieval education is the rote learning that noblemen continued to be schooled in.
It is not just stingingly hot, it is incredibly flavourful too," Mazzis said
But this is all the more stingingly evident in the wake of these references.
If he chooses to hoist his electric guitar, Ajao will pour out stingingly amplified solos after the fashion of Buddy Guy or Albert King.
But also honestly, stingingly funny and quintessentially English in a Dad's Army kind of way.
In its first report published in 2002, Pratichi had been stingingly critical of the standard of primary education in the state.