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Stingy Travel is a networking website for vacation travel across the world.
The country wasn't always stingy with giving financial aid to other nations in need.
Gulf News: Rich people are rich because they are stingy.
It is now planning a special dinner on Sunday instead, but it remains to be seen whether the stingy Brits will fork out for the occasion.
Halloween in Christmas Hills The Legend of Stingy Jack Black Dog, 2009 unpaged $16.
The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures" is a story book meant to be enjoyed by both parents and children alike.
By selecting the stingy die, the participant demonstrates intent to keep all the money, but an "accidental" generous outcome remains possible.
6 : not willing to share or spend money : stingy <She was too cheap to pay for dinner.
STINGY councillors who cheated a lunchtime honesty box out of pounds 900 have forced the scheme to close.
MARY Harney has launched her latest attack with a stingy, senseless cutback that condemns women to death by cancer.