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STINT, Eng. law. The proportionable part of a man's cattle, which he may keep upon the common.
     2. To use a thing without stint, is to use it without limit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pushing on with the podium edging closer and closer, Adam took the penultimate stint - breaking into the top four after problems for a rival - and Turner took the car to the flag, for fourth spot.
The little stints which we see here on Teesside are inevitably juveniles, such as this bird which was photographed by John Money.
Nabong, 29, will play for his third team since entering the league in 2012 after two stints each with Meralco and GlobalPort.
After a two-year stint with Telstar, Keizer joined FC Emmen and then went on to coach SC Cambuur.
It would be Oltmans' second stint with Pakistan hockey after he coached the team in 2003-2004 till the Athens Olympics, in which Pakistan finished fifth.
The Ultimate team had been more than a minute and a half up the road as Mowlem took his second stint, and he managed to bring the gap down to 45 second as the race entered its closing stages.
"He was disappointed with his second stint, but he's very important to this side."
Shaikh Khalid welcomed the outgoing ambassador, hailing the positive efforts he exerted during his stint in the Kingdom to consolidate the bilateral relations and expand their scope in all fields, wishing him success.
The big-hitting 28-year-old is due to begin his stint with Sunday's clash against Essex and play until the game against Surrey on August 4.
Prior to a brief stint as news editor at the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press, she worked 13 years as editor of the Roane County News in Kingston, Tenn.
Enjoyed a brief managerial stint with Telford United.
Frustratingly, just minutes into his stint and while running second in Pro-Am, the left-front wishbone component of the suspension collapsed.