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STINT, Eng. law. The proportionable part of a man's cattle, which he may keep upon the common.
     2. To use a thing without stint, is to use it without limit.

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At that period (so soon after the forty-five) there were many exiled gentlemen coming back at the peril of their lives, either to see their friends or to collect a little money; and as for the Highland chiefs that had been forfeited, it was a common matter of talk how their tenants would stint themselves to send them money, and their clansmen outface the soldiery to get it in, and run the gauntlet of our great navy to carry it across.
It was hazardous, and more than once he was broke, but the table never wanted for the best of steak and coffee, nor did they stint themselves for clothes.
Injuries forced Power (above) to end his playing career aged 28 following stints at Norwich, Bradford, Peterborough and Plymouth.
Having started out at Skelmersdale United and Kirkby Town, Bennett enjoyed stints at Wigan Athletic, Southend and two stints at Chester, before being released by City and joining Wrexham on a free transfer under manager Brian Flynn.
Blackstock, an Antigua & Bermuda international, has had previous loan stints at Plymouth Argyle and Derby County and has scored 85 goals in 316 games at club level.
The Brazilian, who scored 34 times in 74 appearances for his country between 1993 and 2003, played for the likes of Barcelona and AC Milan at the peak of his powers but prolonged his career with short stints at lesser clubs like Olympiakos and AEK Athens.
After a troubled qualifying session, Matt started the race from 51st position on the grid but he made incredible progress, moving right up into the top 20 overall during his opening stints.
Earlier they had joined other Freeholders to walk the bounds of the centuries-old organisation, whose members own plots of land - known as stints - on Newbiggin Common.
Washington, May 15 ( ANI ): Two of Brooke Mueller's twenty rehab stints occurred while she was married to Charlie Sheen and pregnant with couple's twin kids Bob and Max, according to reports.
The actor has been on the frontline of many a conflict for his telly stints, but none quite like this, which looks into the psychological scars, rather than the physical.
All drivers in the team did a stint each, with only Alice, Damiano and Fabienne continued the next stints till about 10 pm.
Seedorf, who also had stints at Real Madrid, Ajax and Inter Milan, has a Brazilian wife and often spent holidays in Rio de Janeiro.