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STINT, Eng. law. The proportionable part of a man's cattle, which he may keep upon the common.
     2. To use a thing without stint, is to use it without limit.

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Paris [France], August 21 ( ANI ): 15-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal on Monday returned to the top of the ATP Rankings for his fourth stint at the pinnacle of men's professional tennis, almost nine years to the day since he first became No.
During his stint with Boro he netted just three times in 17 games before his move to China.
The combative midfielder excelled in stints with Blackpool, Everton and Arsenal, while also winning 72 England caps.
Stints at Birmingham and Panathinaikos followed, before retirement in Ipswich, the town where he also enjoyed boss.
Lowhorn is hoping to have a deeper run this time out after his previous Governors' Cup stints ended in quarterfinal exits.
He was fit and ready to go but there's nothing like that first stint when you've been out injured.
The ministry has also toughened its stand against athletes who have failed to submit bills and break- up of the amounts spent on their training stints abroad.
He left the Dragons a second time to return to Chester - for a third stint - for PS50,000, finishing his career there.
The 28-year-old's last goal, during a loan stint at Leeds United last season, came at the John Smith's Stadium, Town winning the Championship clash 3-2.
I was in the car for the start and we had a fairly good first stint, despite the cockpit being absolutely roasting
Ms Ball, who runs a residential care home in Newbiggin, and Mr Hawthornthwaite, a tax adviser from nearby Ellington, became Freeholders after buying stints which came up for sale by auction in the last 18 months.
The actor has been on the frontline of many a conflict for his telly stints, but none quite like this, which looks into the psychological scars, rather than the physical.