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He said that those who are criticizing stipends scheme are themselves drawing stipends for Pesh Imams.
Addressing a reception arranged by Jumaat Eshhat Al-Touheed Wal Sunna on the eve of Khatmul Quran here at Manki Sharif, the Chief Minister said that the KP cabinet has recently approved the monthly stipends for the qualified Pesh Imams of the province.
She said student nurses from 1st Batch to 4th Batch have not been paid stipends for about one year.
According its policy, the HEC determines the least possible amount as stipend that includes a living allowance, health insurance and all other things.
BEIRUT: Dozens of American University of Beirut students Thursday staged a protest over the cancellation of monthly stipends for graduate teaching assistants.
Official sources told Radio Pakistan Peshawar Correspondent that one thousand rupees monthly stipend will be awarded to girl students enrolled in government middle and high schools.
Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Skills Development for CHWs, ,Payment of Stipend Outsourcing, Permanent Employment of CHWs.
In 2007, a newly ordained Presbyterian minister in Canada receiving the minimum stipend was paid $31,801 plus a housing allowance or manse worth $15,000 ($12,000 a year plus utilities, which is on the low side) on top of the stipend.
This agreement, however, provides her with an annual stipend of $13,750.
Councilors also agreed they'd consider language in the charter amendment for an automatic increase of the stipends periodically based on Portland's consumer price index, a local measure of inflation.
What's more, most credit unions pay small stipends that range from a few hundred dollars to $7,000 a year.
The first form of support will be via student stipends to help defray related costs such as tuition, books and lab fees for low-income students enrolled in bioscience career programs.