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They, however, decried the recent development in the delay in payment of their monthly stipends and urged the government to address their plight.
The meeting informed that under the welfare fund total 339 applications of students who secured above 90 per cent marks had also been received for stipend.
Im glad to join Senator Stabenow in introducing this legislation to assure student veterans that their housing stipends will still be provided during academic breaks.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan has given approval for the summary that proposed equalling the stipend given to regular and student nurses at federal hospitals in Islamabad with the amount given to the nurses in other provinces.
They informed that more 300 house officer working in hospital three shifts have been deprived of stipend for four months and PGs for eight months.
This is an increase from the Sh50,800 stipend that the doctors have been receiving every month since January.
The officials at Ministry of Finance were on its toes and soon after the direction from the Prime Minister released the amount of Rs941 million due on account of these pending stipends of the students.
Female students are equally advancing with their male counterparts as the government is gradually widening stipends for promoting girls education in the country, experts said.
More than 300 house officers at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) have been deprived of their monthly stipend for the past three months, it emerged .The house officers have also recently held a demonstration outside the hospital for immediate release of their stipends.
Tajikistan will raise salaries for workers of publicly financed organizations, pensions and stipends since September 2018, Finance Minister Faiziddin Kahorzoda said.
He alleged the members of the scrutiny committee did deliberately ignore the real and deserving members of the community and distributed the stipends among blue-eyed artists in violation of merit and prescribed rules, which was intolerable to them, he added.
Summary: Dozens of American University of Beirut students Thursday staged a protest over the cancellation of monthly stipends for graduate teaching assistants.