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District Police Officer, Wahid Mehmood told media here that keeping in view of peoples' demands, the date of registration for Non Custom Paid vehicles has been extended and warned of imposition of heavy fine against owners failed to register their vehicles within stipulated time.
The law also stipulated that anyone who abducted a child will be subject to an imprisonment of at least 10 years.
Expenditures for pensions and social payments are stipulated at 65,000 manats, for purchase of non-financial assets at 6,034,460 manats, while 10,405,172 manats are stipulated for other expenses.
Project director assured the chairman that the development work would be completed within the stipulated time.
Al-Tanaiji stressed the keenness of the municipality to organize awareness campaigns on a regular basis for food stores and consumers to introduce the latest methods in the field of food preservation and storage, ways to avoid transmission of diseases and the importance of applying the stipulated conditions and hygiene.
During attending a parliamentary session, today, he stressed the importance of the "energy question as a constitutional right stipulated since 2004".
A committee for the approval and classification of engineers and engineering consultancy offices shall be established at the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP), a new law has stipulated.
45 stipulates for exempting some of the customs breaches stipulated in the customs law from fines imposed when they are settled provided that all customs fees and taxes are paid according to their rates due in the date of committing the breach.
Among the themes included in the document is the following: The document stipulated that President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, President of the NDC, forms a committee under his chairmanship to determine the number of provinces and its decision shall be in effect.
In case none party reaches 7%, three parties with the highest number of votes will be able to distribute seats under the norms stipulated by the law.
Law - # Shura Council approves government's wage decree, stipulating amendments of salary increases NNA - 16/12/2011 - The Shura Council on Friday approved the government's decision to increase wage of government and private sector employees but stipulated amendments to the salary brackets.
We hope that those amendments stipulated in the resolution will encourage Bahraini shareholding closed companies or newly established companies to apply for listing on the bourse, and benefit from the facilities provided by the bourse concerning listing.