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I follow the capacious usage for present purposes (so as to avoid committing on the question whether detached statements give reasons), but this is merely stipulative on my part.
What I mean to suggest instead is that stipulative verse genres once functioned as low adjustment utopias rather than as the large utopian abstraction now associated with the large genre of poetry.
The terms "direct" and "indirect" are a bit confusing (most abortions are pretty direct, it seems to me), but we can let that pass as Camosy's prerogative in setting out stipulative definitions.
This aspect of Utopia is not merely descriptive, but normative--or "stipulative," in Suits's terms.
Within mainstream generative grammar (in both its conceptualist and realist versions), the foundational issues (like the existence of a "faculty of language" with its mental and physical aspects, or the very definition of "language," a very delicate issue Chomsky has refused to address beyond stipulative statements) are considered to be solved and understood, and are thus taken for granted.
(21) Here I can only respond to these concerns by way of a stipulative definition: for my purposes here, the rule of law is an ideal that enables us to determine whether or not the law is functioning efficiently.
And to this purpose he is therefore rather suggesting a so-called stipulative definition in the meaning ascribed to that term by the prominent member of the Vienna Circle Rudolph Carnap (cf.
the experiments themselves were stipulative, defining the very phenomenon they claim to investigate" (Leudar and Costall 6-7).
(249) See Soames, supra note 36, at 604-05 (describing the need for "precisification" when "the asserted or stipulative content of a legal provision is vague, and facts crucial to the resolution of the case fall within the range of this vagueness").
But the highly stipulative conclusions that he draws from them--that Burke anticipated 20th-century multilateralism or that he can help us address the moral dilemmas of the war on terror--give of a strong impression that Bromwich is telling us more about his own politics than Burke's.
Films that met the stipulative definition of Black entertainment, ranked highly in domestic gross, and had at least one main White character was selected.
But, in my stipulative use of the term, to say that the obligations are reinforced is neutral with respect to whether the obligations are strengthened.