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The antiphon Stirps regalis for Saint Edith is a unicum, not known beyond Wilton.
There are three appendices with further excerpts from Widukind of Corvey's Res Gestae, a genealogical reconstruction of the Stirps Widukindi, and an analysis of an episode at the last parting of Mathilda and Otto I.
124) Asi la pertenencia a una beata stirps, llamese familia natural o familia espiritual, hace posible, al menos en cierta medida, el acceso a la perfeccion, formula que bien se puede aplicar a la suerte conocida por este grupo de frailes dominicos de origen noble que, por partida doble, se veian beneficiados.
Matthew Clear writes about the patronage of Maria of Hungary, and together with other contributors refers to the beata stirps (dynastic saints) not only of the French, but also of Maria herself, connected with St Elisabeth of Thuringia/Hungary, whose life is depicted beneath the Passion cycle in the nuns' raised choir.
On hard surface with meat mallet or similar flattening tool, pound chicken to 1/4-inch thickness and cut into 1-inch stirps.
Fortunately, a version of this piece is available (Ensemble Venance Fortunat, Stirps Jesse (Quantum QM 6899)), but it is a shame that it should be missing from this recording.
He had certainly no objection to democracies as such, noting in |Of Nobility' that they |are commonly, more quiet, and lesse subject to Sedition, than where there are Stirps of Nobles'.
ESPANOL BERTRAN, "La Beata Stirps en la Corona de Aragon.