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Other special technical features of the new desulphurisation plant from Siemens are the compactness of the stirrer drive and the plant's low-maintenance design.
The special plastic material used to make the stirrers is based on a food safe polypropylene that has been approved against EU regulations (2002/72/EU) for materials in contact with food.
The two stirrers rotated in step by step mode generating 7 x 7 = 49 different positions.
Keebaugh maneuvers around the kettle, using a six-foot stirrer made of poplar.
In the summer the Evening Telegraph reported that local leisure group Luminar - the firm behind Coventry's SkyDome - was pouring cash into research to produce cocktail stirrers which changed colour if a drink had been spiked with date-rape drugs.
Combine solutions A and B and place on a magnetic stirrer in a sealed container for 15 to 30 minutes.
Reduce the motor speed of the stirrer as the container is drawn down.
Because they serve such basic and necessary functions in so many labs, selecting a hot plate, stirrer, or stirring hot plate should be done with the care appropriate to their importance in your lab.
There is a set with Christmas tree stirrers and presents for ice cubes, a candy cane stirrer with snowman cubes, an icicle stirrer with snowball cubes, and a celestial set with a shooting-star stirrer and sun and moon cubes.
The dimensions of the tank and the original stirrer (type A) were taken directly from the work of Avraamides(1).
The scientific innovation, called "MIPs" (molecularly-imprinted polymers), is applied and used in tandem with the traditional coffee stirrer or cup.