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Unlike in the injection process, the Simetal HM KR Desulf process involves placing the desulphurisation agent in the hot-metal bath with a mechanical stirrer.
All tools used in food processing are potential hazards, but these Detectamet plastic stirrers can be incorporated into HACCP management systems because typical metal detection machines used in the food processing industry can detect them.
Naturally The Stirrer board had a lively thread and there may well have been other blogs and forums following proceedings (links in the comments please
Twist Stir's gourmet wooden stirrers add flavor to anything from alcoholic drinks, teas, soda and coffee to oatmeal and milk by simply stirring.
In the summer the Evening Telegraph reported that local leisure group Luminar - the firm behind Coventry's SkyDome - was pouring cash into research to produce cocktail stirrers which changed colour if a drink had been spiked with date-rape drugs.
Reduce the motor speed of the stirrer as the container is drawn down.
The tub contains everything you need -one-coat plaster, multipurpose filler (you can use this on its own for minor repairs), a sanding block, wooden stirrer and plastic filling knife, and you can use the tub for mixing the plaster and filler (just add water to the powders supplied).
You simply mix the powdered filler with water in the tub using the stirrer, put one of the self-adhesive metal-and-mesh patches (there's a large and a small one) over the hole and smear the filler over it with the filling knife (you have about 45 minutes to perfect your plastering before it sets).
It said believed that Bond's gadget expert Q would suggest his drink be stirred with either a wooden spoon, a wooden coffee stirrer or, if improvising like 007, even a pencil.
Other clean design features include highly-polished stainless steel 316 wetted parts, labyrinth style gearbox sealing arrangement, and double lip seals on each stirrer shaft, dust shield.
Hancock can reveal that it is not from the sequal to Mrs Doubtfire but none other than outspoken Birmingham Mail columnist, the Stirrer himself Adrian Goldberg.
Cut the two ends from a sixth coffee stirrer, and glue them into the spaces at each end of the "sandwich.