stock agreement

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Under the terms of the 100 percent stock agreement, Simplicity stockholders will receive one share of HomeStreet common stock for each share owned of Simplicity common stock.
He answered more questions about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's capital level saying the preferred stock agreement that was put into place when they were conserved effectively prohibited them from building up any reserve capital.
Under the terms of the 100% stock agreement, Simplicity stockholders are expected to receive one share of HomeStreet common stock for each share owned of Simplicity common stock, subject to adjustment if HomeStreet's closing stock price during a specified measurement period prior to closing is more than $20 or less than $15 per share.
As part of the exchange, each taxpayer and the S corporation entered into a restricted stock agreement (RSA) and an employment agreement providing that each taxpayer would receive less than the full fair market value (FMV) of his S corporation stock if he were terminated "for cause" before Dec.
The Tax Court held that sections of a restricted stock agreement and an employment agreement read together constituted an earnout restriction that might create a substantial risk of forfeiture for stock transferred to an employee.
The company said it also further amended its September 28, 2012 Amended and Resaid warrant Agreement and September 28, 2012 Restricted Stock Agreement with LW Air.
Including the new amount requested, the total amount drawn from Treasury under the Senior Preferred Stock Agreement will be $64.
The June 2008 Loan Stock agreement also provides the VCTs with the right to
Ocean Politics and Policy briefly reviews the problem of open-access resources and the continuous development of ocean regimes with increasing restrictions, including the most recent amendment to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the 1995 Fishery Stock Agreement.
The final agreement, signed in August 1997, is in three parts: a preferred stock agreement, the patent cross-licensing agreement, and a technology agreement in which Apple promised to make IE its default on condition that Microsoft continued to develop Office for Macintosh.
If all necessary conditions have been satisfied by the end of the period (the events have occurred), those shares should be included as of the beginning of the period in which the conditions were satisfied (or as of the date of the contingent stock agreement, if later).