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Just finished Matilda's Game - a paperback I purchased 20 years ago and ended up in a pile of stock books for cold winter days.
The reference library will stock books on Korean art, food and literature.
The owner of Lakshmi Bookstore recommended he stock books to fill up the space.
Few retail spaces stock books, the cost of transporting books from one end of the country to another is prohibitive, and poor work ethics also poses an added challenge.
Left For Dead, The Custard Factory, Digbeth, 0121 773 1526 All of its stock is new, with the odd exception, and it stock books and posters.
The author has been greatly helped in this task by access to all the extant archives, drawings, stock books and special order records, from which it appears that A.
Warrens Warehousing, explained: "We had arrived at to the point where the growth was more than we could handle; we needed something to take over from those big stock books.
LIBRARIES in North Tyneside will stock books recommended by health professionals in a bid to help people with conditions such as depression.
Private lenders, including Federal Bank and Axis Bank, have set up branches that have special areas for children, and they stock books, toys and video games to keep chuldren engaged.
In respecting that right [we] do not stock books from the Harry Potter Series, or indeed other titles, which are the subject of polarising public discussion," Van de Mortel said.