Treasury Stock

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Treasury Stock

Corporate stock that is issued, completely paid for, and reacquired by the corporation at a later point in time.

Treasury stock or shares may be purchased by the corporation, or reacquired through donation, Forfeiture, or some other method. It is then regarded as the Personal Property of the corporation and part of its assets. The corporation can sell the stock for cash or credit, for par value or market value, or upon any terms that it could be sold by a stockholder. Shares that the corporation has not issued in spite of its authority to do so are ordinarily not regarded as treasury shares but are merely unissued shares.

treasury stock

n. stock of a private corporation which was issued and then bought back by the corporation or otherwise reacquired by the corporation. Treasury stock held by a corporation earns dividends for the corporation but the corporation may not cast votes in decision-making the way a regular shareholder would be entitled. (See: stock, share)

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Under this stock buyback programme, which was initiated on 25 January 2017, Novozymes will buy back B shares worth up to DKK2.
In the sections following, we examine the stock buyback as a possible means of value creation, as well as its potential to generate negative impacts.
com/topics/detail/260/apple-inc/) Apple to allow a stock buyback.
The bulk of the money has gone to overhaul its capital structure with stock buybacks and debt reduction, the rest to alter AutoNation's future direction, with capital improvements and a spate of acquisitions.
Stock buybacks are generally valuable to shareholders for a number of reasons.
Stock buybacks have many of the same effects-they just work more insidiously, since nobody's complaining.
Biological solutions company Novozymes A/S (CPH:NZYMB) reported on Monday the under its stock buyback programme, it has accumulated a total of 5,128,797 shares with a transaction value of DKK1,460.
The recent has increased Apple's total stock buyback to $40 billion shares in a span of 12 months.
23 December 2011 - Westfield Financial Inc (NASDAQ:WFD), the owner of US Westfield Bank, said on Thursday its management had approved a stock buyback plan to repurchase up to 5% of its outstanding common stock.
The mission: to determine the long-term effects of stock buyback programs on a company's stock price and to assess which companies benefit most from these programs.
For the long term, corporate restructuring, increased productivity from technological advances, and stock buyback programs provide a bright future for the market.