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- Tan Cang Logistics & Stevedoring Joint Stock Company - Tcl
In Croatia, according to the Companies Act (Official Gazette 137/09) companies are defined as follows: "A joint stock company is a company in which the members (shareholders) participate with stakes in the basic capital divided into shares." In recent history, by which is meant the period of last twenty years, there have been frequent changes regarding this matter, most of which were related to changes in the acquis communautaire.
Kikin are funds equivalent to a stock company's capital.
Under the conversion plan, S will convert from a mutual association to a stock company and all of its newly issued shares will be simultaneously purchased by P (a newly formed holding company) using a portion of the initial stock offering proceeds raised by P from its shareholders.
The decree to transform a public non-business unit (SNCL) into a joint stock company (CTCP).
Sublimity Insurance kept its name but is now a downstream stock company owned as the fourth leg under the United Heritage Financial Group umbrella," said Johnson.
According to a business plan being compiled by Mitsui Mutual Life, it will convert its ''kikin'' funds into capital when it becomes a stock company. Kikin are funds equivalent to a stock company's capital to which SMBC and others have contributed.
The most popular forms of corporate vehicles for foreign investors are the joint stock company ("spolka akcyjna" (S.A.)) and the limited liability company ("spolka z ograniczona" (Sp.
Request for quotations : open joint stock company stroytrest no.
During the period of the trust management, the Uzbekugol will retain its organizational and legal form as a joint stock company.
OD-1402, dated 4 May 2016), effective 5 May 2016, the operations of the provisional administration to manage the credit institution Joint-Stock Company GANZAKOMBANK as appointed in accordance with Bank of Russia Order No.OD-832, dated 17 April 2015 'On appointment of the provisional administration to manage Commercial Bank Alta Bank, Closed Joint Stock Company, Moscow', following revocation of a banking licence'.
The Government of Kyrgyzstan plans to set up an open joint stock company Kambar-Ata-2 hydroelectric station to complete construction of the water power station, announced Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Fuel Resources Akylbek Tumenbaev during session of the Parliamentary Committee for Fuel and Energy Complex today.The draft resolution on terms of constitutive contributions into the equity capital of Kambar-Ata-2 hydroelectric station OJSC.The Deputy Industry Minister said the Electric Stations OJSC are in a difficult situation.