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For long-term maintenance of stock cultures, we found a simple pea-based medium to be very successful.
Test cultures were inoculated from the stock culture of each species at the curve of optimum population growth.
Laboratory stock culture of Pseudomonas putida ATCC 31800 (oxidase test)
Hey everyone, I'm Carrie Long and welcome to WeSeed's Pop n Stock, where pop culture and stock culture collide.
Hey everybody, I'm Carrie Long with this week's Pop'n Stock, where pop culture and stock culture collide.
To eliminate the possibility that variants already existed in the stock culture, clonal populations of S.
These tester males can be obtained from a stock culture or from excess F1 males from the in cis cross.
After we checked 400 lots of cells with a herpes stock culture, we developed confidence in the cell supplier.
One vial of Drosophila stock culture of choice (either the F1 apterous x sepia, the F1 vestigial x sepia, or the F1 vestigial x ebony cross) for each set of ten students.
The inocula were prepared from the stock cultures which were maintained in nutrient agar slant at 4[degrees]C and subculture in nutrient broth using a sterilized wire loop.