stock pile

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"So we have hard copy and computer storage of the amount of aggregates we've used at every satellite stock pile throughout our territories.
The STMC's report is based on a survey of all 50 states and is the first attempt to clearly identify stock pile size.
With a stock pile of more than 8,000 tonnes of salt for the winter period, the vehicles are also equipped with the latest software allowing for more control over grit spreading rates and helping the council's salt supplies to last longer.
"Our mine isn't in production any more and we have a stock pile which we expect will run out in 2016," said Ms Williams, who said the company was communicating with Prince William regarding rings for his wedding.
The company said that the first mining benches provided approximately 30,000 tonnes of ore to the coarse ore stock pile at the crusher.
They stock pile stones, build rubbish fires and just wait for us to arrive and attack us."
And when Thompson's home and a relative's house nearby were raided police recovered his cocaine stock pile - three quarters of a kilo worth more than pounds 9,000 on the streets.
Tenders are invited for Work contract for shifting of coal from crushed coal stock pile area to near ERH/ into ERH at CHP, for ABVTPS, CSPGCL, Marwa Janjgir-Champa(C.G.) Document cost : INR 224 EMD value : INR 1600 Opening date : 08 Aug 2019
A council spokeswoman said: "Following the prolonged cold weather at the end of 2009, we started last year's winter season with a larger stock pile of grit in readiness for another harsh weather spell.
Obviously on gold standard, the amount of gold in the coinage in circulation, plus gold bars stock pile, equates to the nation's cash pile or equivalent.
Tenders are invited for Dismantling of old structure is lying in dcw dugda-i ball mill shade and stock pile conveyor