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Service at Waitrose Horley was good, with some staff checking the stock room and others demonstrating good stock knowledge, but a smile goes a long way and this was lacking at times.
An investigation by Natori's team showed asbestos detected in the air of the stock room was five or 10 times denser than the amount of asbestos in the atmosphere.
He had no problems during his brief tenure, but claims that when he tried to transfer to the Hillsdale location nearer the campus, he was told to apply in the stock room.
The staff refuse to go into the stock room alone and I can't blame them.
0's Stock Room lets the Checkout user create and manage purchase orders, reorder stock, and oversee all vendor-related business.
The floor of the stock room and the shop floor were very dirty and there was no soap or materials for hygienic hand drying at the wash basin.
There is also a prep room, stock room, office, store strong room and kitchen area with toilets.
with an external security shutter, the first floor stock room with office and fitted sink, and ladies' and gents' WC.
During the robbery, four people attacked the store's security guard before raiding the stock room and fleeing in a black Volkswagen Golf.
The property comprises ground floor shop premises with ancillary areas to rear, providing stock room and staff facilities.
A SHOP assistant claims she was spanked with a leather belt by a male colleague who liked to strip off in a stock room.
Bill Dammond, 58, a stock room worker from Canoga Park, was busy boogieing to the Canoga Park High School Youth Jazz Ensemble.