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combined subsidiary capital intercorporate stockholdings shall be eliminated," and whether this applies to the definition of "subsidiary capital" for purposes of the adjustment formula in section 208.
But even with that company's departure from his publicly disclosed portfolio, the value of Stephens stockholdings has increased by more than $100 million since our last list.
Many of the shares will have to be sold because the package calls for banks to keep the value of their total stockholdings below that of their capital.
351(e)(1) involving a transfer by multiple transferors of individual nondiversified stockholdings resulting in diversification.
All stockholders are being advised in writing, as to the amount of their stockholdings in Hunt Gold Corporation.
On last year's list, the Stephens stockholdings were still over the $1 billion mark; this year, the total is $222 million.
Miyazu brushed aside the call, saying, "I think unloading stockholdings has nothing to do with reducing interconnection fees.
said Monday it will book a 51 billion yen one-off loss in fiscal 2008 due to the impairment of the market value of its stockholdings, including that on the shares it holds in French advertising agency Publicis Groupe S.
Once all conditions to the closing are satisfied, Safeguard will receive approximately $128 million of gross cash proceeds for its common and preferred stockholdings of CompuCom.
The downward revision by 98 billion yen for pretax profit includes valuation losses of 31 billion yen on domestic stockholdings and of 17 billion yen on asset-backed securities resulting from the overseas financial turmoil as well as a U.
Once all conditions to the acquisition and the closing are satisfied, Safeguard would receive approximately $128 million of cash proceeds for its common and preferred stockholdings of CompuCom.
shares, investors continued unloading stockholdings after selling heavily the previous day with brokerage, consumer finance, iron and steel, and banking issues leading the falls in particular.

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