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We assumed the following: each stockpiled ventilator is both child- and adult-capable, will be used to treat at most 1 patient during peak demand, and will not be used for noninfluenza patients; stockpiles were established before the pandemic, and centrally held ventilators can be deployed only once to a site with excess demand (i.
citizens who went about their business while their government created and stockpiled millions of pounds of devastating chemicals.
All of those stockpiled goods, he suggested, may come in handy after all.
The General Accounting Office (GAO) released a report on 8 March 2000 outlining the findings of its investigation into the management of medical supplies being stockpiled for treatment of civilian victims of a biological or chemical terrorist attack.
Activists have already opposed Department of Energy tests on stockpiled nuclear weapons conducted early this summer at the Nevada Test Site, and the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories.
Public opposition in each of the eight stateside communities where the Army stores chemical weapons has made licensing incinerators difficult and has virtually guaranteed that none will become a regional facility -- designed to dispose of weapons stockpiled elsewhere.
stockpiled on the Tamarack containment pad using a minimum 60 contractor provided stacker belt.
In addition, stockpiled scrap tires have been reduced by nearly 75% since 1990.