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South Carolina, North Carolina and Maine lead the nation in the association's rankings, which are based on the percent of tires going to end use markets, the number of stockpiled tires, the stockpiled tires per capita, the number of tires land-disposed and the percent of the number of tires/per capita land-disposed in 2005.
Rankings are based on percent of tires going to end use markets, number of stockpiled tires, stockpiled tires per capita, number of tires land-disposed and the percent of the number of tires/per capita land-disposed in 2005.
This additional patent allowance in Europe expands our market opportunities and is timely because HE2100 is our leading commercial opportunity and, if approved, could be stockpiled widely," said Richard Hollis, chairman and CEO, Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals.
Although it became a signatory to the BWC in 1972 and became a State Party in 1991, Iraq has developed, produced, and stockpiled biological warfare agents and weapons.
Recently, at least Alabama, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Tennessee and Vermont have considered or already have distributed or stockpiled potassium iodide, or have considered requiring pharmacies to carry it.
Stockpiled products originate primarily in western Europe, but also come from the United States, China, India, and other countries.
But according to watchdog groups like the Sierra Club and the Salt Lake City-based Families Against Incinerator Risk, there are safer ways to destroy stockpiled chemical weapons--for instance, through the use of chemical neutralizers.
Not everyone who bought 60 pounds of freeze-dried beans and stockpiled water in the basement was a far-right Christian survivalist.
A new study released in Geneva on 9 December 1999 by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) estimates that the total number of antipersonnel mines in arsenals around the world is still at least 250 million, stockpiled in at least 105 nations.
The BIOX([R]) Module 1, Reactor Tanks 1 and 2 are operational, utilizing previously stockpiled refractory concentrate.
We have stockpiled more than enough smallpox vaccine for every man, woman, and child in America," Secretary Thompson said.
People should not use Cipro and other antibiotics that they stockpiled, in fear of an anthrax attack, to fight the flu, the Los Angeles County health officer, Dr.