stocks and bonds

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Stocks and bonds, loans and mortgages, margins and securities--here was a world of finance, and there was no room in it for the human world or the world of nature.
Time horizon -- The length of time you hold your investment will influence where stocks and bonds should be held.
Time and again, it has been demonstrated that the risk/return profile of a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds is enhanced by an admixture of hedge funds, extending the 'efficient frontier' of graphed returns leftwards and upwards.
SMAs are private portfolios of stocks and bonds guided by a professional money manager who makes decisions according to a specific investment objective.
This article reviews historical patterns to show investors how the riskiness of stocks and bonds can change as an investor's holding period lengthens.
A client should not change his or her combination of stocks and bonds simply because of the JGTRRA.
Nonresident investors were net buyers of Japanese stocks and bonds in the January-June period, by a margin of 2,540.7 billion yen, the Finance Ministry said Friday in a report based on settlements.
By owning some of each (stocks and bonds) in proportion to your level of comfort, you see fewer dramatic changes to the total value of your portfolio.
Rowe Price Small-cap Stock (OTCFX; small blend), Templeton Foreign (TEMFX), and Van Kampen Equity and Income (ACEIX; a balanced fund holding large value stocks and bonds).
net purchases of foreign stocks and bonds were also sizable in the first quarter, with net purchases of foreign stocks from Japan particularly large.
Using stock and bond index options and futures, or index funds, instead of stocks and bonds themselves makes market entrances and exits efficient and comparatively inexpensive.
For sector allocations, the fact that commodities, stocks and bonds were rising last year indicates that the global economy, led by the US, was already in the early stages of recovery.