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Narrator C: Stodge strolls over to the machine with a knife and chops Hester's hair off.
But Ballance, 24, is already the meanest gunslinger in Stodge City.
A OUR body likes what we give it all the time - the more stodge you eat the more your body will ask for it, while the less you eat the less your body will ask for it.
Unlike the grease and stodge of some takeaway meals, Ichiban's healthy and fresh Japanese cuisine is a welcome relief.
Happy-clappy stand-up Shappi Khorsandi was our guide for this wafer-thin look at how food from Muslim cultures liberated Brits from our slavery to stodge - overlooking the fact we've nicked food from more countries than we had colonies.
A plastic tray of wobbly multi-coloured stodge under a glowing piece of foil hot enough to melt a small village in Greenland, heralded with that bouquet of dog-biscuit-ontoast wafting through the cabin as it is heated up" Broadcaster Chris Evans, below, on airline food "It's rude to the child inside to display one's stomach like that.
Not to mention the ubiquitous if over-rated Cornish pasty, which can taste like a farmer's sock encased in stodge.
I didn't expect a cafE[umlaut] inside a fashion store would to be the place to head the morning after a long Thursday night, when all you think you want is a plate of stodge.
Especially when what they will be cooking - and presumably eating - is good old calorie high stodge like shepherd's pie, fruit crumbles and curry (obviously there has to be a multi-cultural dimension to this).
All we hear is sound-bite stodge from some lightweight city servant who wouldn't know how to build a brand if they sold a book about it in Borders.
It was sickening to learn that children got complete freedom of choice so they never ate vegetables or fruit and doting mums turned up at the school gates to supply them with the fatty sugary stodge they craved.
And a Ferreira-sized disgrace that ITV extended the broadcast by half an hour yet filled it with stodge.