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30pm, there is a high chance when you do eat you will go for the stodgiest, fattiest foods.
In essence, even the stodgiest of us can be creative, but we need direction; we need something to write about.
I hate to stereotype, but your granddad is the stodgiest one in the family," says Noonan.
Tripled Manic State and Sniped are the album's shoutiest and stodgiest tracks.
And it's odd how Timberlake Wertenbaker's play is both the only new one of the bunch as well as easily the stodgiest and most old-fashioned.
Sometimes even the stodgiest of hymn tunes will polish up into the jolliest of jigs when played at twice or three times the normal speed.
Real maverick writers, and I know a few, can embrace the stodgiest values or cling to bourgeois ideals.
In Cambridge, Massachusetts, I once saw an open-source guru in a grubby T-shirt--an emissary from the West Coast--lecture Boston's stodgiest suits on his homegrown notions about evolutionary biology.