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Tchaikovsky's Pathetique began rather stodgily - yes it is episodic but it shouldn't appear blatantly so - but Litton's interpretation grew in stature.
MUSIC student Paul (Kevin Bishop) - stodgily pretty in a young JFK kind of way - gets a job turning the pages for concert pianist, Richard Kennington (Paul Rhys).
INGRID Bergman miscast as the maid from Lorraine in stodgily theatrical production.
When I voiced my surprise, the steward informed me, somewhat stodgily, "Food is only complimentary, Madam" as if that was explanation enough.
Even Shah began stodgily, taking 34 deliveries to score his first run, and doing so courtesy of a misfield.
It'll attract initial interest from the devout but, stodgily earnest and painfully slow, it's unlikely that word of God, let alone word of mouth, is going to detract anyone else from the true Christmas message of crass consumerism and spectacular overindulgence.
The result is an overlong, clichA riddled and stodgily directed mini-series style melodrama that even Catherine Cookson might find a bit much
When Jagger, Richards and Jones met, British blues was respectful and stodgily lacking the improvisational excitement of the real thing.